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Zymeda Provider Solutions: Driving Medical Practices to Success

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Helene Beilman-Werner, President & CEO, Zymeda Provider SolutionsHelene Beilman-Werner, President & CEO, Zymeda Provider Solutions
With over 25 years as an accomplished senior executive and healthcare leader, Helene Beilman-Werner is well-versed with the nitty-gritty of what it takes to ensure strong financial performance in independent small physician offices and private group practices. Her collective experience in the managed care industry, identifying key performance metrics to monitor and project finance and utilization trends, drove her to embark upon her journey as the CEO at Zymeda Provider Solutions. The company serves as a full-service practice management partner that allows physicians to focus on patient care while maximizing the efficiency and financial health of their practice. 7years in, Helene has led the company to stellar heights, helping it establish a distinctive portfolio of services. What really places Zymeda a cut above the rest is their unique collaborative approach to effective practice management, delving deep into strategy and formulating an effective vision for the client’s team–all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to alleviating administrative burdens.

Bringing strategic business expertise to medical practice, Zymeda started with an idea to help the doctors understand the big picture of healthcare finance

Bringing strategic business expertise to medical practice, Zymeda started with an idea to help the doctors understand the big picture of healthcare finance. Over time, simple understanding evolved into assisting clients in developing and enhancing collaborative relationships between healthcare systems and physician groups.
Zymeda supports their clients with staffing and compensation models to ensure all practices are meeting their own performance standards. Zymeda also supports doctors with strategic consulting to start their practices from scratch - a process that involves all their financial projections, and assisting in literally everything from identifying office space, contracting, staffing, banking and finance, and marketing.

Armed with a high-performing team of industry experts, Zymeda engages potential practice management and revenue cycle clients in a collaborative assessment process that commences with a discovery phase, inclusive of visioning and strategy sessions. Zymeda uses an evaluation checklist of requisite data to subsequently scrutinize EOBs, financial statements, contracts and more to help the client identify potential revenue deficiencies and payment issues negatively affecting the practice’s financial performance. This process drives a well-strategized transition plan for integrating new practice management clients into the Zymeda portfolio. Helene adds, “We go through a transition timeline of at least 60 days to onboard a client. In certain cases, we accelerate the process depending on the EMR/EHR they use.” The experienced consultants then handhold the client through training and implementation, ensuring a comprehensive high-power revenue cycle with minimum possible disruption to cash flow. With deep roots as a billing company, Zymeda also delivers a complete package of contracting, credentialing and claim coding, capitation and collections, and other revenue cycle services to improve cash flow and profitability while enhancing staff and patient satisfaction.

Helene explains an instance when Zymeda assisted a pediatric group to drive their practice to success. The practice was struggling every month to both manage payroll and meet access needs of patients. Zymeda’s experts worked with the client to develop a business plan that perfectly fit the practice. After regular meetings with the managers, service providers, and practitioners, Zymeda rolled out a new strategy and vision which allowed the client to remain proactive in taking care of patients, implement chronic care management services and eliminate many of the day-to-day struggles of operating a practice. Following Zymeda’s strategic plan, the client practice has added over 12,000 managed care patients in less than six months, improved patient satisfaction and increased cash flow.

Moving ahead, Zymeda aims to deliver creative solutions, emphasizing partnership between independent physicians and hospitals, to drive better financial and healthcare outcomes for their clients.

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Zymeda Provider Solutions

Moreno Valley, CA

Helene Beilman-Werner, President & CEO, Zymeda Provider Solutions

Founded in 2012, Zymeda Provider Solutions formed in 2012, help physicians with healthcare administration, especially in the decision-making process and subsequent execution of strategic and operational initiatives. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of practice management and strategic consulting services and is committed to positioning independent, employed, and hospital-based physician practices for long-term success. Zymeda is mainly focused on providing physician practices with the consulting services, process improvement, operational benefits, and revenue cycle capabilities enjoyed by large medical groups. From contracting and claim coding to capitation and collections, Zymeda provides high power revenue cycle services that any practice can afford