CareCloud :Delivering an Innovative-Cloud Driven Approach to Practice Management

Ken Comee,  CEO, CarecloudKen Comee, CEO, Carecloud
Increasing patient engagement programs, alliances with ancillary service providers and mobile penetration has pushed traditional Patient Management Software (PMS) from being confined to desktop-only/client-server version to the cloud platform. It would further ease data availability and eliminate the need to invest in dedicated server systems. Demand for efficient healthcare IT solutions are at rise given the constantly fluctuating healthcare landscape. “Our products help healthcare institutions to track, manage and optimize financial and administrative processes through simple drags of a mouse pointer,” says Ken Comee, CEO of CareCloud, a healthcare technology provider since 2009. Headquartered in Miami, FL, the company offers a comprehensive app suite to modernize physician practice workflow.

While it is a usual practice followed by healthcare institutions to bolt systems together for various processes, it would lead to more complications. An encapsulated solution is often greater than the sum of its parts. On an average 12 hour day, plenty of time is wasted in compiling information, managing patients, billing and settling claims resulting in up to 20 percent loss in revenue generated. CareCloud platform can capture medical documents and records into the healthcare ecosystem making them universally available. The suite, according to the company synchronizes PMS, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), patient portal and smart-phone integration into one unified solution.

The software written on top of the CareCloud platform is based on open source framework in an effort to accelerate time to market. The GUI arranges crucial healthcare applications in a simplified layout similar to apps in smart phones. The collaboration forum by design is inspired by the Facebook interface that leads to an ‘at-ease’ user experience. “Our unique tab based browsing imparts a web browser like experience resulting in a truly multi tasking front desk,” he adds.

Our unique tab based browsing imparts a web browser like experience resulting in a truly multi tasking front desk

Until recently the health-care providers were subject to low performance owing to inevitable lags in consultation procedures. Accessibility of patient data, being constrained to internal systems was also a limiting factor from the physician’s perspective. Physician’s office is inundated by charts and patient data, most of which may require painstaking categorization. CareCloud’s powerful analytics tool can be employed in gaining insight from patient records and can also be deployed to monitor the workflow among employees. Through its secure clinical messaging service, reporting capabilities across various levels and patient notifications have become simplified tasks.

CareCloud houses a robust utility aimed at maximizing reimbursements in medical practice. It maintains a constantly updated rule system that ensures proper channelizing of claims. Statistics show about 30 percent of all claims that are submitted by doctors to insurance companies are denied or ignored. A fair share of it is due to the inability of the practice to keep up with the changing rules.

“Our platform enables physicians to schedule and manage patient appointments through a multi-view calendar and planning tools, administrators and employees at various levels can access and collaborate upon data through their handheld devices,” says Comee. Several clients claim to have chosen CareCloud after multiple comparisons with its competitors. According to them, CareCloud’s easy to learn approach helped them with seamless implementation and migration to the platform. Clients are also provided with dedicated support personnel who would just be a call away to resolve any technical issue that may arise within the platform.

Moving forward, CareCloud continues to innovate in the healthcare ecosystem by working closely with clients to identify areas that require technical scrutiny. The company, in partnership with crucial players of the industry imparts valuable information to the healthcare community through annual surveys primarily focused on financial and operational health of physices across the U.S.