Claimocity: A Medical Practice Management Software App Exclusively for Rounding Physicians

Jim Jensen, COO, ClaimocityJim Jensen, COO, Claimocity
“Practice management software is crucial for operational and financial viability,” states Jim Jensen, Chief Operating Officer for Claimocity. “It provides the software backbone for the organizational and logistical flow, including scheduling, billing, patient management, engagement, and informational flow into the electronic health record solution of choice.”

But PM software is often considered a one size fits all solution, he continues to explain, when this could not be farther from the truth.

2021 market research data by Avira shows that the PM market is saturated with companies with similar profiles to within less than a 1% variation. They not only provide the same solutions and get the same mid-level results but have the same array of issues.

A deeper look shows that one of the main underlying issue is that these companies continue trying to squeeze every medical practice into the same shoe size regardless of the problems this creates for the modern doctors and managers who require a higher level of adaptable versatility and a better set of streamlined tools.

Claimocity medical practice management software provides a comprehensive operational, financial, and clinical package designed exclusively for medical practices with physicians who divide their time between their office and a rounding set of hospital or facility environments.

By providing both traditional medical office PM tools as well as a smart practice management app in a single cross-platform web-based package, Claimocity provides highly functional solutions that move with the doctor as they switch environments. The key is efficiency.

Doctors on the go require a mobile practice management software that helps maximize time and revenue efficiency. This means doing more with less effort and getting the best results. The Claimocity mobile app offers an unprecedented array of efficiency tools and workflow solutions right from the app and syncs in real time with the full office platform so that appointments added from the front desk immediately show on the physician’s census and vice versa.

Doctors can use any device from a smartphone to a tablet to their laptop or desktop computer and switch between them as often as they prefer with no data loss or issues.

And the new charge capture and progress note generator software tool allows doctors to create, copy, clone, sign, and submit notes directly into their EHR in a fraction of the time right from any device while also submitting their billing for immediate claim processing.

There is a reason that 100 percent of customers over the last three years not only have stayed with Claimocity but achieved double digit revenue growth within the first twelve months

What used to take 10-15 minutes per patient now can be done with higher accuracy and better results in 1-3 minutes per patient from anywhere. The efficiency gains are remarkable.

The integrated systems also reduce the issues that inevitably arise when two separate software systems or services collide. These are the most common points of failure, with both revenue and information sharing being the most common victims. AR stuck points including lost or missing charges, failed notifications of charge capture issues that need to be resolved, unfulfilled syncs, documentation issues, human errors, and the full spectrum of issues that can and do arise typically happen (or are exacerbated) by these places where separate solutions don’t seamlessly slide into each other.

By eliminating the need for multiple integration points, Claimocity has eliminated these gaps and stuck points, which is why the all-in-one solution is such a hot commodity for physician practices with a hospital or facility-based component.

From the first patient interaction and scheduled appointment to the point of care and through the claim processing revenue cycle, Claimocity handles everything, enabling not only a seamless flow of information and higher collections but a level of complete analysis and intelligence that other systems simply do not have the data or ability to provide.

There is only so much insight any single part of the process can provide without the context of the entire process.

By simplifying what is often 3 or 4 systems and services pieced together into a single solution, the machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm built into the backend of the software can analyze and offer unprecedented revenue intelligence insights.

These data driven opportunities not only provide the backbone for unrivaled medical billing and coding services but give providers and decision makers in the practice clear cut plans of action for growth by systematically identifying streams of income that can be capitalized on (such as patterns of under coding) as well as issues that are preventing revenue maximization.

By analyzing over 100 in process metrics in additional to thousands of KPIs and reporting possibilities, and then comparing that to the full array of potential variables including specialty, industry, geographical comparisons, and peer benchmarking, the revenue intelligence can show you exactly where you are and where you should be as well as the factors that need to be addressed to improve time and revenue efficiency marks.

“There is a reason that 100 percent of customers over the last three years not only have stayed with Claimocity but achieved double digit revenue growth within the first twelve months.” Jim Jensen concluded. “The formula is simple. We eliminate the headaches and increase transparency so that all the information is on the table. Then we help our customers grow.”

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Jim Jensen, COO , Claimocity

Built by medical billing experts specifically to save hospitalists time and generate industry-best revenue metrics, Claimocity is AI-driven smart software that automates many of the billing and administrative processes