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ClaimTek Systems: Clearing the Path to a Profitable Medical Billing Business

Kyle Farhat, Founder & CEO, ClaimTek SystemsKyle Farhat, Founder & CEO, ClaimTek Systems
Due to an aging population, the demand for healthcare has outpaced supply in the U.S., leading to a shortage of physicians, particularly in primary and specialty care. Meanwhile, practicing medicine has become more challenging as doctors have to keep up with increasing insurance red tape, reimbursement delays, and changing federal regulations. This is where California-based ClaimTek Systems steps in with a range of solutions and services designed for medical billing, revenue cycle and practice management, and claims processing. “With over 26 years of experience in billing, software, and business development, we enable medical facilities and professional billing companies to improve efficiency in their daily business operations,” explains Kyle Farhat, founder and CEO of ClaimTek Systems.

While ClaimTek serves clients ranging from billing companies to small and large clinics, even hospitals, the company’s primary focus is on helping entrepreneurs establish their own medical billing and practice management outsourcing business. The healthcare services outsourcing market presents a prime opportunity as this is the only way small to mid-sized medical and dental practices can ensure more significant cost savings and outcomes. ClaimTek empowers individuals to work with any healthcare specialty and facility to maximize their chance for business success. ClaimTek provides solutions and training for electronic insurance claim processing, financial reporting and analysis, soft collections, patient payment plans, medicare audit preparation, coding, and renewing doctor’s insurance credentials among other services. ClaimTek’s proprietary suite of software applications, MedOffice (for medical billing) and DentOffice (for dental billing), EHR Manager (Electronic Health Record system) along with other business operations systems can be deployed onpremise or on the cloud.

Farhat explains that ClaimTek’s training services are designed to accommodate people with no prior experience in medical billing and practice management software. Unlike other companies that limit themselves to providing a software platform for medical billing, ClaimTek differentiates itself by offering individualized and personalized training on the intricacies of medical billing for the different specialties and insurance companies, as well as training on software and daily operations. These training services involve a step-by-step process of developing an intricate knowledge of the medical billing system using a stateof-the-art interactive online platform. Additionally, ClaimTek’s marketing program helps conduct an effective marketing campaign with professionally designed print and digital marketing materials. This includes proven techniques for appointment-scheduling and persuasive presentation techniques that are proven to be effective to help onboard clients. Signing up with ClaimTek’s training program also ensures dedicated support, which, similar to the training program, covers all aspects of the business, including queries related to software, billing know-how, and marketing. “You can process the CMS1500 and the CMS-1450 (UB-04) forms used by different specialties and clinics for billing claims,” adds Farhat.

From choosing a company name to a website domain to designing a marketing campaign, ClaimTek provides guidance through every aspect of a client’s journey of creating a new business. Many individuals from diverse backgrounds have found success in setting up their medical billing and practice management consulting services with the help of ClaimTek. Since this service business does not suffer the constraints of brick and mortar stores, ClaimTek’s clients are able to scale up their businesses within a short period of time and grow across state lines.

Moving forward, ClaimTek is planning to launch new versions of its suite of applications. These updates will have added functionality and enhancements to the user interface (UI) for a better user experience. The aim is to provide clients with a modern, flexible, and easy-to-use UI with a high degree of customizability featuring different themes, colors, and icons, to mention a few. ClaimTek remains as the best place to start a business with its dedication to building lifetime partnerships with clients. ClaimTek is bringing medical billing and practice management outsourcing within everyone’s reach.

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ClaimTek Systems

ClaimTek Systems

Irvine, CA

Kyle Farhat, Founder & CEO, ClaimTek Systems

Medical billing is a flourishing business, having loads of opportunity and rewards. ClaimTek provides its clients with the vital elements to get started in this business on the right track, which are Advanced Software, Personal Training, Effective Marketing, and ongoing Support. The company also offers several levels of professional entry into the medical billing and practice management business. Each level includes their advanced MedOffice software, along with various degrees of training, marketing and support. They additionally bring a steady monthly income to the business with realistic and scientific income projections