Doctella: Create and Deliver Care Programs with Ease '

Doctella: Create and Deliver Care Programs with Ease

Amer Haider, CEO & Co-Founder, DoctellaAmer Haider, CEO & Co-Founder, Doctella
Overwhelmed by the inadequately managed health conditions within his family, Amer Haider set out on a quest to discover a viable solution that would address the lack of proper guidelines for post-diagnosis patient-care. As Haider recollects the defining moments from his journey, “After my brother, Dr. Adil Haider connected me to a fellow medical expert, Dr.Peter Pronovost, from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, we discussed and came up with an idea of using a checklist provided by doctors to guide patients through their treatment.” Although there are a plethora of smart devices to track treatment procedures, sleep patterns, heart rate and other vitals, there is no simple way for healthcare professionals to capture, process, and guide patients in real time. A brainchild of physician trio Peter Pronovost, Adil Haider, and Asad Latif, and serial tech-entrepreneur Amer Haider, the Doctella CareProgram serves as an outcomes management platform formatted as “smart checklists” and provides educational and best practices content for the reference and care of patients and their families.

Built on an underlying premise of improving communication between physicians and patients by enhancing patient engagement, the Doctella platform aims to minimize the incidences of preventable harm, such as untimely patient deaths associated with medical errors. The platform enables physicians to clinically monitor the patients and deliver expedient digital health interventions, in a manner that improves patient safety and is cost-effective. “Doctella’s Health Studio is the missing link between patients who need an app to manage their care and doctors who want to make apps,” states Amer Haider, CEO and Co- Founder of Doctella.

Architected with a vision to capture patient’s data and track patient’s participation in their own care and outcomes, Doctella’s CareProgram framework facilitates the development of personalized CarePrograms (apps) for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, and health insurance companies. Doctella’s CarePrograms have been created by medical professionals to help patients with interactive education, reminders and step by step instructions for their care.

Doctella’s Health Studio is the missing link between patients who need an app to manage their care and doctors who want to make apps

These CarePrograms have been designed to eliminate the need for old-fashioned and uni-dimensional paper instructions, encourage patient-centeredness in medicine, and ensure patient participation and activation. The Doctella platform is also capable of consolidating multiple CarePrograms so that patients can truly have one source to follow for their care.

In addition to impacting patient experience and improving clinical efficiency, Doctella’s platform provides patients with surgical procedure information in a “just in time” format. The platform allows surgeons to share a link to their interactive checklist following a surgical consultation and send them customized alerts about pre-operative care, to help avoid potential surgical complications. For instance, Dr. Martin Paul, Regional Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Johns Hopkins Medicine, uses Doctella to implement ERAS by sending education and reminders to patients. Meanwhile, Dr. Paul’s staff keeps a tab on patient participation via an automated dashboard to ensure that the patients are fully engaged in their own care. The patients can download the Doctella app on their smartphone to access their surgery Smartlists that also document Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) guidelines.

Furthermore, Doctella offers patients, a patent-pending security model that gives patients full ownership of any data they generate or receive. Doctella encrypts all user-owned data with keys based on the user’s credentials to offer patients a self-service model that lets them control access to their medical data and removes liability from the hospital or provider.

Going forth, Haider believes that the CarePrograms would transform from “multi-million dollar approvals sanctioned by healthcare establishments” to individual physician-empowering solutions and that’s where the Doctella platform could pitch in to deliver real value.