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MedicalMine: Practice Management and Patient Engagement through Mobile Apps

Pramila Srinivasan,  CEO & Founder , MedicalMinePramila Srinivasan, CEO & Founder , MedicalMine
Healthcare institutions rely on technology to em¬power the practitioners, facilitate successful patient outcomes and experiences, and maximize timely reimbursement for the practice. However, the utilization of old and obsolete technologies in the Practice Management (PM) space often becomes a roadblock for organizations to achieve their goals, minimize costs, and enable frictionless workflow. In order to untangle the complexities around PM, Pleasantonb based MedicalMine leverages the latest technology trends and provides native and browser based apps that foster rapid communication, using a Facebook style wall or timeline, private messaging, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) claims, and sta¬tus dashboards.

“Tech-trends in PM are facilitating streamlined communication among healthcare providers and patients through mobile apps,” says Pramila Srinivasan, CEO and Founder, MedicalMine. “User-friendly Personal Health Record (PHR) improve patient satisfaction, and integration and automation in billing and claims management facilitate rapid reimbursement.” In order to remain in sync with new trends, MedicalMine offers a full suite of cloud based products ChARM EHR.PM.RCM delivering an unparallel service that covers a large arc from claims processing and charting medical data for revenue cycle management and patient engagement. This MU-2 Certified product suite consists of an array of solutions such as ChARM EHR, ChARM PHR, ChARM Billing platform, and ChARM RCM. “Our RCM is supported by latest technology, mobile apps, and clearinghouse integrations for timely and accurate insurance reimbursement,” adds Pramila. The company also offers ChARM Connect to foster rapid communication among healthcare providers and patients through mobile native app.

MedicalMine helps patients to confirm appointments and make payments through its patient scheduling system, the Scheduler, which has a color-coded schedule entry dashboard with multiple facility and provider views, and a resource scheduling component.

Our RCM is supported by latest technology, mobile apps, and clearinghouse integrations for timely and accurate insurance reimbursement

In addition, the Scheduler is also supported by a companion mobile app that providers can use to manage their daily schedule. The company also enables other medical devices, laboratories, and applications to exchange data with ChARM products through ChARM EHR API Program, which offers a comprehensive set of REST APIs.

Unlike other technology providers, MedicalMine helps the customers to migrate and provide them the appropriate tools and technologies that were traditionally available with larger budget implementations. “Our products are easily deployable, affordable, and simple to implement as they facilitate seamless workflow,” affirms Pramila. Besides, ChARM EHR delivers daily access to all immunization, travel consultations, travel health supplies, and travel medicines. To throw light on one of MedicalMine’s customer success stories, Dr. Louis Petrie, the founder of a stand-alone clinic that focuses on immunization, travel health, and advanced vaccination services, had a workflow challenge. Additionally, the clinic administrators received vaccines in large proportions of encounters and wanted to manage the inventory tracking of vaccines, the chart note entry, the synchronization with the California Immunization Registry, and the invoicing or billing, all these activities in one seamless workflow. Through MedicalMine’s ChARM EHR, the clinic was able to fulfill all of their requirements by customizing it.

The company’s full suite of mobile apps to complement browser based products for patient engagement, telemedicine, practice communications, and charting, set MedicalMine apart from the rest in the healthcare industry. Going forward, MedicalMine aims to serve more specialty hospitals, urgent care, and primary care centers around the world. “I would like to make our comprehensive suite of MU-2 certified products accessible for all medical practices everywhere at a reasonable price,” concludes Pramila.