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Nextech: Diversifying and Innovating Practice Management Software

Mike Scarbrough, CEO, NextechMike Scarbrough, CEO, Nextech
The global, healthcare scenario is transforming into a developed, innovative and structured eco-system. The synergy of technology and healthcare has resulted into a very cost effective and efficient arrangement. The healthcare industry has experienced automated advancements like provision of patient demographics, reports, appointment schedules, insurance and financial details to the physicians, commonly known as Practice Management. Nextech, based out of Tampa, FL, empowers physicians to deliver targeted patient care through specialty-specific practice management features and functionalities. “By maintaining productivity and profitability while ensuring complince and the continuum of care, specialty providers can proficiently manage multiple schedules, for multiple locations with sophisticated scheduling, billing and reporting tools,” says Mike Scarbrough, CEO, Nextech.

Nextech PMS is personalized to individual provider and administrative workflows. Integrated with PMS and EMR, Nextech’s scheduling module allows physicians to maximize efficiency and reduce missing of appointments. Furthermore, Nextech scheduler can be used to keep track of multiple providers at multiple locations while ensuring proper management of the flow of patients’ visits. Nextech’s PMS also provides letter writing system filters and queries information into personalized, electronic and print documents. Documents and referral letters can be customized easily and merged to be sent as mass email for alerts and notifications.

Alongside, Nextech’s PMS is also beefed up with marketing tools with functionalities to track ROI and outreach and also offers referral services to make strategic practice decisions. These marketing tools and services help to view the number of prospects, revenue, and conversion rates brought in by each referral source, quote and patient coordinator.

Another service area for the PMS is inventory management.The service helps to increase revenues and inventory integration by decreasing quantities of injectables documented through the EMR and prompt billing in the practice management system.The users can save money with stock alerts and also ensure supplies are ready and available with accurate counts along with auto-updated expiration tracking.

With such myriad features, PMS plays instrumental role in aiding three special departments viz. dermatology, ophthalmology and plastic surgery. The basic framework and services of the PMS remains the same for all these departments resulting in utmost flexibility and scalability for its customers.

Customer satisfaction and service has always been a major aspiration for the Nextech. Reaping the benefits of the PMS, Boling Vision Center, a progressive ophthalmology practice center, experienced the specialty-specific features of the PMS. Boling Vision Center couldn’t afford to select an EMR that produced longer wait times and overall inferior patient care. Oftentimes, the center waited for months to receive response from support team, leading to major disruptions in day-to-day operations. The company decided to adopt Nextech’s fully integrated, ophthalmology specific EMR solution. Furthermore, they went through immersive on-site training and implementation to ensure seamless transition to Nextech EMR. Thus, easy-to-use design allowed for greater doctor-patient interaction during consultation and patient exam times decreased by roughly 38 percent.

NexTech’s fully integrated, fully customizable Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management software system is a premier EHR choice amongst Dermatologists and physicians worldwide. NexTech continues to bring clients the best in healthcare technology with strategic partnerships created to further the capabilities of each practice. NexTech has integrated its software with TouchMD, consultation enhancement tools company, and MyMedLeads, a lead management solution that tracks and converts inquiries into paying patients. “From revenue management integration to interactive patient engagement tools, Nextech leverages its strategic alliances to provide a complete software experience,” says Scarbrough.