Office Ally: Taking the Pain out of Practice Management

Office Ally: Taking the Pain out of Practice Management

 Brian O'Neill, CEO, Office Ally
The healthcare arena has experienced a vast number of changes throughout the course of the last decade, including the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, electronic health record system guidelines, and overarching regulatory shifts. As more fluctuations come to fruition in the upcoming months and years, small doctor’s offices stand to face a bevy of unique challenges. Remaining profitable while putting patients’ needs at the top of the priority list is objective number one.

Office Ally, championed by CEO Brian O’Neill, wants small healthcare providers to know that a strategic partner stands ready to ease the pain in handling day-to-day practice management. O’Neill explains, “I had a few doctor friends who told me it took them 60 to 90 days to get paid from an insurance company, and so I started the company to fix the problem.” Growing from a single insurance company to now more than 5,600 in the system, Office Ally successfully processes more than 20 million claims for small doctor’s offices each month.

O’Neill states, “Our purpose is to provide products and tools that enable the provider community to stay in business.” The difficulty of running a small doctor’s office is substantially eased with Office Ally as a partner, whether that is collecting claims due, creating and maintaining effective communication systems, or infusing the right tools to assist in everyday front desk administrative tasks. The suite of products offered through Office Ally is designed to help small providers without putting a burden on the bottom line.

One of the most innovative products made available to the provider community is Intake Pro – a robust service supported by big data and an impressive electronic platform which reduces the time and effort needed to complete the patient check-in process effectively.

Our purpose is to provide products and tools that enable the provider community to stay in business

Through Intake Pro, providers throw away the notion of hand-written forms and clunky clipboards and replace them with a highly intuitive system that, on average, eliminates nearly 20 hours of front desk work. Data is entered into the practice management system provided by Office Ally without the need for scanning, attaching, or re-typing. The system then utilizes powerful technology to assist with patient communications, with appointment reminders and confirmations via text, e-mail, or voice-automated calls, and eligibility checks to ensure the correct copay information is at administrative staff fingertips by the time the patient arrives. Billing data, payment functionality, and clinical messaging direct from the health plan are all infused into Office Ally’s Intake Pro.

O’Neill explains some of the challenges faced by small healthcare providers which the company is striving to tackle. He states, “In January, all group health plans are transitioning to a risk-adjusted platform, meaning providers are paid based on how sick their patients are.” By having access to the thousands of health plans within the Office Ally system, providers can easily gather information about a patient’s risk score and use that data to receive the correct compensation on each claim.

Heading into a shifting environment in healthcare, O’Neill sees an opportunity for growing business within the company, due in part to his focus on keeping small doctors thriving.

To that end, the company is on the verge of releasing a new product that allows for more robust reporting, enabling doctors to see and understand the financial health of their own practice. With this added empowerment, small healthcare providers can serve their patients in the best possible way while sustaining the viability – and profitability – of their businesses.