Rethink: Facilitating Superior Behavioral Healthcare Outcomes

Rethink: Facilitating Superior Behavioral Healthcare Outcomes

Jamie Pagliaro, General Manager, RethinkJamie Pagliaro, General Manager, Rethink
A few years ago, insurance coverage for treating behavioral health conditions, like autism in children, could have been termed a pipedream. Today, it is no longer a vain hope. Several states have recently passed crucial healthcare bills (Autism Mandates) that focus on behavioral health. These new laws provide the insurance cover for treating the behavioral health conditions. Jamie Pagliaro, General Manager at Rethink informs, “While hospitals stand a good chance to leverage the new regulatory wave, their dependence on legacy technologies can prove to be detrimental. Paper-based work processes, distinct clinical and business functions managed by Excel spreadsheets and multiple software systems hinder operational efficiency.” The behavioral healthcare providers need a single platform to manage their end-to-end processes, including treatment, patient scheduling, and billing among others. Rethink offers a unified platform that caters to the inpatient assessment, medical data collection, and practice management. “By incorporating all the functionalities, including the training programs for care teams for better care delivery in one platform, we aim to enhance operational efficiency and reduce the cost of care,” states Pagliaro.

The Rethink platform hosts more than 1,500 videos and recommends the appropriate video-lesson for learning a particular behavioral healthcare treatment. For instance, in case behavioral health practitioners have to treat kids with autism, who are not responding to their name, they can rely on the recommendation made by the Rethink platform. Rethink not only suggests a video for the specific treatment but also highlights the skills to be possessed or sharpened for the treatment.

Once the teams master the procedures to treat the behavioral health issue, they can rely on the Rethink platform to gather patient data so as to apply the newly gained knowledge with greater precision. The Rethink platform facilitates the data collection through web or mobile, even while the care teams are offline.

By incorporating all the functionalities, including the training programs for care teams for better care delivery in one platform, we aim to enhance operational efficiency and reduce the cost of care

Subsequently, the teams can use charts to track the progress of patients automatically and utilize customizable insurance report templates to submit the required information. Rethink not only eases data collection and chart preparation but also allows users to manage EHR and other documents.

Rethink believes in adhering to the best practices in care delivery to deliver maximum results to both patients and the providers. The clinical practice protocol reviewed by an independent scientific advisory board sets the benchmark for Rethink to design practice management tools and equip the practitioners with the best-of-breed solutions. Using Rethink platform’s protocol-adherent practice management tools, practitioners can easily set up appointments after viewing staff and patient schedules. They can capture treatment session notes and parent signatures and gain insights such as staff productivity, healthcare contract utilization, and appointment cancellations.

With its advanced platform, Rethink has been revving up behavioral healthcare practices. In an instance, a small healthcare service provider in Pennsylvania utilized the Rethink Behavioral Health platform to integrate the work of healthcare providers in its network spread across the country. The client could also control the quality of service while facilitating onboarding of other providers to its network. Having this technology and processes in place enabled the healthcare service provider to achieve operational efficiency, gain the attention of a major healthcare service, and subsequently undergo acquisition.

Rethink’s journey began when the founders deduced the asymmetry between the number of individuals living with autism and therapists. Fast forward to this day and the in-house talent drawn from multiple domains is driving its successful journey and the mission to create the best-in-class behavioral health management tools. With an aim to continue delivering a great user experience, Rethink is set to bring forth new possibilities in the behavioral healthcare arena.