Rethink: Providing Cloud-based Treatment Tools

Rethink: Providing Cloud-based Treatment Tools

Daniel A. Etra, CEO, RethinkDaniel A. Etra, CEO, Rethink
According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 6 newborn children will be diagnosed with a developmental disability such as autism, making such conditions more common than pediatric cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the main treatment methodology recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the US Surgeon General, and the US National Institutes of Mental Health for treating individuals with developmental disabilities such as autism. However, the highly limited availability of credentialed ABA providers— approximately 30,000 Board Certified Behavior Therapists worldwide—severely limits its potential benefit for the hundreds of millions of individuals globally with such disorders. Limited public support services, including in the education and healthcare systems, further amplify this challenge. Enter Rethink. With a mission to address the significant challenge of how to effectively and affordably meet the treatment needs of this enormous and growing population worldwide, the Company provides research-based intervention strategies grounded in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). “Rethink has found extensive research on the effectiveness of video modeling for training and combined this proven method of instruction with the proven and medically-recommended ABA treatment methodology, creating an online training and support system for individuals with a developmental disability and their caregivers worldwide,” says Daniel A. Etra, the CEO of Rethink.

With a significant dearth of trained professionals available to meet the needs of a growing population with a developmental disability, Rethink is creating a scalable solution that makes clinical best practice treatment tools and supports available to the individuals and their caregivers irrespective of where they are located globally.

The Company offers an award-winning comprehensive online individualized treatment program with over 1,500 video-based demonstrations developed by internationally-recognized experts in the field. The program is aimed at training caregivers, parents, professional and paraprofessional staff to manage problem behaviors as well as teach critical skills to an individual with a developmental disability. In addition, program specialists can also utilize Rethink as a form of job-embedded professional development and to augment coaching caregivers and other support staff. “Rethink also delivers a range of technology-enabled remote service options, ranging from short-term web-based consultations through their board-certified behavioral therapists to ongoing program development initiatives supported by an in-house team of clinicians,” adds Etra. In addition, Rethink’s practice management offering facilitates the tracking of service authorizations and the cost of treatment as it relates to clinical outcomes.

At its core, Rethink brings an industry-leading practice management platform for behavioral health providers specializing in individuals with autism and related disorders. Used by a multitude of providers serving tens of thousands of children nationwide, the software helps improve treatment outcomes by simplifying/automating workflows, improving staff training, and ensuring standardization and clinical fidelity of care delivery. Further, the Company also provides the industry-leading training and support platform for employees caring for dependents with a developmental disability, which supports employees, directly impacting their productivity in the workplace.

Another key offering in Rethink’s portfolio is the special needs management platform for public school districts. It serves all students with a special need as well as those in need of behavior support. This Rethink program is utilized by hundreds of districts in all 50 states, ranging from large urban systems to small rural districts.

Having carved a unique niche in the medical practice management space, Rethink is in the process of expanding its core product beyond treatment tools and supports for dependents with a developmental disability and their caregivers, including supporting those individuals with a Neurodiverse condition in the workplace. “Innovation to us means first and foremost recognizing the problem in the market that we are seeking to address and truly understanding the needs of the customer before developing unique and scalable solutions to fulfil those requirements,” informs Etra.

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Daniel A. Etra, CEO

Rethink is a global health technology company providing cloud-based treatment tools, training and clinical supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers. The company’s clients include leading organizations in behavioral health, employee benefits and education. The award-winning Rethink program includes a comprehensive online individualized treatment program with over 1,500 video-based demonstrations—developed by internationally-recognized experts in the field—to train caregivers, parents, professional and paraprofessional staff how to manage problem behaviors as well as teach an individual with a developmental disability critical skills