Top Medical Practice Management Consulting/Services Companies
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Top 10 Medical Practice Management Consulting/Services Companies 2018

Medical practice management (MPM) is a matter of concern for both physicians and staff members because running it smoothly is not a child’s play. A lot of things are involved; from scheduling appointments with patients to billing and coding to providing better care. However, technological advancements have made a profound impact on the medical industry, enabling healthcare organizations to integrate digitally-enabled medical practice management (MPM) solutions into their daily operations. The inclusion of advanced MPM solutions can effectively lessen the care providers’ work by freeing them from all the administrative tasks.

Besides these, compliance is also a significant aspect of MPM. For efficient medical practice, organizations have to comply with all the important state and federal health regulations and laws, such as the healthcare reform bill and HIPAA, and not adhering to this can have a huge negative impact on the medical professionals. So, while choosing for the solutions for MPM, healthcare organizations need to be extra careful.

The market is full of MPM solution providers claiming to offer the best, making it difficult for the buyers to find the right one. To help them in finding the finest, our distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, and analysts, including Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has reviewed and selected top 10 companies in the MPM domain. In our selection process, we have evaluated the vendors’ competency to provide efficient as well as cost effective MPM solutions and who are at the forefront of tackling the ever-evolving challenges of the MPM landscape.

We present to you “Medical Practice Management Consulting/Services Companies 2018.”

    Top Medical Practice Management Consulting/Services Companies

  • Medenet Inc

    Medenet Inc

    Checks insurance eligibility, tracks claims, monitors & implements payor rules changes, and communicates to you concise information on issues impacting client’s practice

  • Medical Billing Management, Inc

    Medical Billing Management, Inc

    Provides accurate and reliable operations, proven best practices, and customized services to meet the needs of the client’s practice

  • MedNetworx


    Offers clinical services consulting to assist clients in optimizing processes and workflows

  • Medocity, Inc

    Medocity, Inc

    A leading technology provider specialising in virtual care management, remote patient monitoring and telehealth

  • Practice Management & Billing Solutions

    Practice Management & Billing Solutions

    Provides the highest quality practice management services to the clients, with particular dedication to the surgical specialty of anesthesiology and pain medicine

  • Practice Wise LLC

    Practice Wise LLC

    Offers a full suite of services intended to help clinicians and managers provide the highest quality patient care while maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses