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Top 10 Medical Practice Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

As one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing industries globally, the healthcare industry has witnessed a huge surge in the number of healthcare consumers and rapidly-changing healthcare practices. With the archaic work systems not being enough to cater to the healthcare industry’s increasing needs, healthcare providers turned to medical practice management software to enhance efficiency, improve revenue performance, and, more importantly, administer care effectively. Among the growing trends in medical practice management in the digital age, cloud-based tools have been significant in supporting more interoperable systems, thereby improving patient outcomes through better coordinated care.

Medical practice management software providers have also been including electronic health record (EHR) functionality to enable users to track patient data effectively. This has resulted in a huge influx of EHR and medical billing platforms compatible with smart devices to help medical practice management professionals manage patient intake and care, clinical charting, billing, and revenue cycle management.

With a deep understanding of physician practice operations, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 medical practice management solution providers that are identifying missed revenue opportunities and helping their clients improve growth prospects. With several innovative technological capabilities and services, these companies are constantly proving their mettle in medical practice management. We hope this edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook helps you build partnerships that you and your firm require to foster a new system of patient care that enables healthcare professionals to better drive consumer satisfaction throughout the industry.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Medical Practice Management Consulting/Services Providers – 2020.”

    Top Medical Practice Management Consulting/Services Companies

  • Edelstein & Company provides accounting, tax, business consulting, and financial planning services to individuals and businesses. From its founding in 1968, the company has served clients in a wide variety of industries, including Professional Services, Healthcare, Not-for-Profit, Construction, Private Equity, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Retail/Wholesale. At Edelstein, we’re not all bar charts and balance sheets. We’re curious, involved, and engaged. We’re devoted to a client and employee experience that revolves around personal and business goals, not around formulas and ratios

  • EyeSouth Partners is a leading provider of medical and surgical eye care services that enables physicians in the ophthalmology space to deliver the highest quality medical and surgical specialty eye care. The company leverages a premier network of integrated eye care practices to deliver a wide range of business services that provides affiliated practices with clinical autonomy. EyeSouth Partners offers sophisticated marketing programs and strategic growth plans, including clinician recruiting and referral-source development capabilities, to help practices expand their reach in the community and achieve a progressive growth trajectory

  • MEREM Healthcare Solutions deploys a team of certified coders to assure that charges and reimbursements are maximized, as well as medical billers who provide intensive A/R follow-up to assure that all claims are paid in a timely manner. We want to ensure physicians, hospitals and outpatient centers have the finest medical billing services available. MEREM Healthcare Solutions is able to provide clients with superior service at a fraction of the cost of our competitors—we work on a percentage collected and get paid after our clients do

  • Therapy Brands is a leading provider of fully integrated practice management and EHR solutions for mental and behavioral health providers. The company’s mission is to provide healthcare professionals serving clients with mental, behavioral, and rehabilitative health needs with best-in-class software and solutions to support any size practice. Therapy Brands currently offers solutions for psychotherapy, counseling and social work, substance use recovery, applied behavior analysis (ABA), speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy providers. The breadth of the integrated solutions are aimed at addressing the therapy market providers’ needs, enabling access to care so more patients can be seen, improving outcomes, lowering the healthcare and economic costs, and improving the experience for providers and their clients

  • Tranquilmoney, a medical billing solution specialist, helps physicians move from a paper-backed workflow to a digital workflow. The company acts as a bridge between healthcare and accounting by enabling private medical practices and pharmacies to gather complete accounts receivable (AR) information through e-submissions and guide them to make informed decisions in accounting for maximum benefits. To ensure physicians have optimal medical practice management, Tranquilmoney has released its teleClinic platform. Capable of integrating with other healthcare software platforms such as electronic health record and AR systems, teleClinic enables physicians to set up virtual practices for patients easily

  • VK Consultant Group, a multidimensional medical practice management service platform, stands apart amidst other consultants by working internally on each of its processes. Right from assessing and identifying the clients’ stumbling blocks to an actual recommendation of a solution or fixing the issue without outsourcing any of these to someone else, the company does it all. In the case a client wants to start up a practice, VK Consultant Group will find and recommend the appropriate location, work on the insurance plans, set up the EMR system, hire and train the staff, and even work on the interior design

  • Fullscript


    Fullscript is a free online supplement dispensary that integrates with any practice, enabling users to switch between virtual dispensing, stocking supplements in-office, or writing one-to-many care to create a dispensing mix that fits your workflow. Fullscript also supports practices beyond the point-of-care. Adherence-boosting tools, automated marketing support, and curated patient wellness content will keep your patients on track and your practice top-of-mind

  • Reed Tinsley

    Reed Tinsley

    Based in Houston, TX, I am a sought-after author and speaker with 25+ years of expert hands-on, healthcare consulting experience. I have authored dozens of healthcare finance articles and books and have been regarded as a chosen speaker among prominent national healthcare groups and associations. I am committed to addressing the needs of each of my clients, taking great pride in my personal approach, effective response time, and measurable results

  • Visionary Practice Group

    Visionary Practice Group

    Visionary Practice Group is a leader in providing comprehensive optometry practice consulting and brokerage services. For decades, we have guided doctors through over 3,800 practice transitions. Whether you are interested in buying, selling, growing, financing, or appraising an optometry practice, or you need help structuring or re-structuring a partnership, let our team of industry experts guide you through the process and ensure you reach your goals with the most successful outcome

  • Zymeda Provider Solutions

    Zymeda Provider Solutions

    Offering a comprehensive portfolio of practice management services and strategic consulting, Zymeda Provider Solutions is committed to positioning independent community and hospital based physician groups for long-term success. We are particularly focused on providing small physician offices and private groups with the practice consulting, process improvement, operational benefits and revenue cycle capabilities enjoyed by large medical groups. As a growing company based in Southern California, Zymeda offers our clients a unique level of service and access to our leadership team and industry experts. Our client list includes a broad range of practices varying in size and specialty