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Top 10 Medical Practice Management Solution Companies - 2021

Technology has always played a crucial part in the development of the healthcare industry. The rapid advancement in technology has allowed the development of high-tech medical equipment, cost-effective medicines, and innovative procedures that have streamlined every medical function and improved healthcare service quality. Digital technology has also significantly helped in comprehensive healthcare functions such as data collection, research, medical billing and coding, remote monitoring, compliance with health regulations, and timely diagnosis and treatment. The most significant advantage of using technology in healthcare seen today is streamlining each function, like saving time, reducing manual paperwork, and removing any error that can affect the entire medical process. From smartphones, tablets to remote monitoring devices and cloud computing, technology is aiding in shaping modern medical practice.

For instance, medical practice management software providers are now integrating electronic health records (EHR) to enable users to track patient data effectively. EHR integrations are helping them turn data into actionable clinical information, reducing medical errors and facilitating enhanced care. EHR integrated solutions are also helping physicians to keep pace with the faster and ever-increasing data, while lowering the work of data entry, saving time, and enabling reutilization of the data for analysis purposes.

Alongside, voice-assistant technology, equipped with advanced AI and natural language processing algorithms, is helping medical practitioners in an efficient way to treat patients. Physicians are now making voice-assistant an integral part of the day-to-day process with voice-to-document medical histories. For instance, several physicians use dictation software to make a medical note and avoid toggling back between the data entry screen and their patients.

At this juncture, there is a variety of medical practice management solution providers that are entering the market to cater to the different needs of the healthcare domain. To help them choose the solution that best fits their requirement, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top medical practice management solution providers. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CXOs.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Medical Practice Management Solution Providers – 2021.”

    Medical Practice Management Solutions Companies

  • Built by medical billing experts specifically to save hospitalists time and generate industry-best revenue metrics, Claimocity is AI-driven smart software that automates many of the billing and administrative processes

  • Encite


    Encite is a privately-held corporation that specializes in healthcare software solutions. We have been developing healthcare software for healthcare organizations for well over a decade. Today Encite’s corporate office is located in beautiful Fort Mill, South Carolina. Our vision from inception was to create healthcare software solutions that are designed and developed from the healthcare professional's point of view...not the software developer's. While from a programming perspective, it would have been easier and resulted in a quicker delivery to the market, we rejected the common template approach due to the fact that it builds rigidity that our research within the healthcare community indicated wasn't wanted. Today Encite’s professional management consists of specialists in the areas of administrative management, software development, information technology and customer service. We continue to strive in developing new technologies in the advancement of healthcare software that will assist in improving patient care

  • Fuel Medical Group

    Fuel Medical Group

    As the leading business advisory company serving hundreds of audiology and ear, nose and throat practices across the nation, Fuel Medical Group provides an award-winning array of custom insights, tools and actionable solutions that enhance practice performance and impact patient outcomes. Our culture fosters teamwork and rewards individual performance. We are always looking for driven individuals to collaborate with our members to achieve their goals though effective talent, information and patient management. Fuel Medical Group is the leading advisory agency serving ENTs, otologists and audiologists in private practices and universities throughout the United States. Based in the Pacific Northwest, we provide and implement custom insights, tools and actionable solutions that enhance practice performance and impact patient outcomes

  • Gateway Digital

    Gateway Digital

    Gateway Digital is about thinking, planning and deploying future now. To enable digital enterprise, we create smarter business models, growth strategies and integrated experiences for your customers through our deep digital expertise, services and technologies. We are known as partner with difference in the digital transformation space. Our innovation, disruption and transformation services address the core business objective of digitalization journey of our customers. We focus on simplification of digital blueprint in order to ensure the sure steps success. Gateway Digital is a digital transformation expert focusing on specialized technology services

  • GE Healthcare

    GE Healthcare

    As a leading global medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions innovator, GE Healthcare enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications and services, supported by its Edison intelligence platform. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture of respect, transparency, and unyielding integrity

  • iPatientCare


    iPatientCare is a full suite of innovative healthcare products and value-added services that help physician offices, rural health clinics, and community/federally qualified health centers (CHC/FQHC) nationwide in improving the health of their patients, enhancing patient care through care management/coordination/analytics, and reducing costs of care delivery. The awards-winning EHR, integrated practice solutions and value-added services, such as, the revenue cycle enhancement and quality improvement consulting, provide everything you need to control your practice operations, increase revenues, and provide better patient care. iPatientCare helps healthcare providers to dramatically reduce A/R days and improve collections rates, reduce billing costs, eliminate the burden of repeatable, high volume work on their internal teams, and plug gaps in staffing and internal bandwidth. The revenue cycle teams are comprised of senior executives with extensive experience in clinically-driven revenue cycle management systems including certified billers and coders with managerial capabilities to facilitate client interactions, escalations and SLA

  • McKesson


    McKesson is an impact-driven organization that touches virtually every aspect of health. Every decision we make is guided by our I 2 CARE and ILEAD principles. We work with biopharma companies, care providers, pharmacies, manufacturers, governments, and others to deliver insights, products and services that make quality care more accessible and affordable. Delivering better health outcomes for our employees, our communities, and our environment. Every day, we strive to inspire and enable people to reach their full potential

  • Radix Health

    Radix Health

    At Radix Health we believe that patient experience starts with patient access. Our data-driven solutions align provider supply with patient demand, maximizing existing capacity, and reducing delays in care. We help leading medical groups optimize every step of a patient’s appointment journey - from alerting patients to needed care, helping them find the right provider, scheduling an appointment across multiple channels, and engaging with patients until the day of their visit. We take the busy work out of getting patients in the door (as well as your digital front door) so you can focus on the hard work of keeping them healthy

  • Vizient


    Vizient is the largest member-driven health care performance improvement company in the country. We provide solutions and services that improve the delivery of high-value care by aligning cost, quality and market performance for more than 50% of the nation’s acute care providers, which includes 95% of national academic medical centers, and more than 20% of ambulatory care providers. Vizient provides expertise, analytics and advisory services, as well as a contract portfolio that represents more than $100 billion in annual purchasing volume, to improve patient outcomes and lower costs. Vizient has earned a World’s Most Ethical Company designation from the Ethisphere Institute every year since its inception and has again been recognized in the annual survey by Modern Healthcare magazine as the industry’s third largest consulting group among 43 firms for 2019. Vizient was also selected by Modern Healthcare as one of the 2019 Best Places to Work in Healthcare. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Vizient has offices in 20 metropolitan areas across the United States. We have 3,100 employees with a breadth of expertise, experience and compassion, who are eager to develop and implement solutions that advance health care for the greater good

  • Wellframe


    At Wellframe, we reimagine healthcare relationships through a new approach that uses high-tech to deliver the high-touch support people need, when and where they need it. We call it Digital Health Management. Our comprehensive Digital Health Management platform offers solutions for care management and advocacy that help organizations forge more meaningful connections with members, across their healthcare journey. Wellframe was founded to counter a pressing industry problem: the healthcare system has struggled to find ways to support people in between care settings, at scale. We believe health plans are in the best position to advocate for their members as they navigate their health and care, but know that technology alone can’t help us achieve this ambition. That’s why our team of physicians, clinicians, public health experts, data scientists, and healthcare industry experts ensure our platform works in service of the person-to-person connections that make healthcare work best